What payment options do you provide?

No account is needed! Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, Diner’s Club, Paypal, Visa Debit.

How much does shipping cost?

It’s free, even internationally.

What currency am I charged?

USD funds.

Do you provide refunds?

We do not provide refunds or exchanges of any kind. All sales are final.

Do you take order over the phone?

Unfortunately we do not. It’s required to do the sale with our website so that you can get a username and password for accessing the video content online.

I notice that this process requires the use of an ecollar, which ones do you suggest I purchase.

Ecollars are not all created equal. I highly recommend ecollar technologies for many reasons. They have amazing customer service, great products and all of the ecollars come with 100 levels of stimulation which is essential for doing the type of training we do. Do not try and save money by buying a cheap ecollar. For more info, or to buy an ecollar technologies ecollar go here: www.ecollar.com.

Do you accept cheques or money orders?

No we do not.

What is Mango Dogs Media?

Mango Dogs Media is a company based in Halifax NS Canada that produces DVD’s and online content, specific to the dog training and rehabilitation world.

I don’t have access to a great trainer, can you recommend one?

Yes here are the links:



Do you use clicker training?

No we do not use clicker training. Essentially clicker training is a communication method that falls under the marker training umbrella. All that clicker training is used for is to communicate with your dog that it has done something correct. Rather than using a clicker, we opt for verbal marker training. We would use the word “yes” rather than a click, and in-so-doing we have an extra free hand available.

Do you ever use correction? What is your training methodology?

We can sum up our methodology in one word. Balance. We use both positive and negative motivators in our training programs. If we are going to use any negative motivators (aversives) that would happen when the trainer/owner have properly instructed to the dog what they want him/her to do. Correction is never used in the learning process. Food, toys, praise are used with all dogs to motivate them for faster more reliable responses. Food is ultimately weaned out during the training process over time. Most dogs we work with don’t need much aversive control during the training process. Proper communication and motivation go a long way. We are not Purely Positive dog trainers because we believe that that methodology is not conducive to working with all dogs, off leash in distracting environments.

Who produces and films your DVD content?

Farm box films is located in Halifax NS Canada. Www.farmboxfilms.ca

Who did your photo’s, they are awesome!

A very talented local photographer named Gary Brinton. www.brintonphotography.ca

When can I expect my DVD’s to come in the mail?

The moment you purchase any video content or DVD’s from Mango Dogs Media you will receive access to the content online. We include this because it’s nice to have online access when you travel, or don’t have access to a Television. It’s also great because shipping can take several weeks. Typically items shipped in Canada will take 5-7 business days. Items shipped to the USA can take 1-3 weeks. International orders can take 2-4 weeks. Please hold tight while you wait. If you still do not have your items after the suggested times, please email us and we will check your tracking information. It is our goal to provide each customer with the utmost customer service. You can email us here: support@mangodogsmedia.com