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Ted Efthymiadis is a dog trainer based in Halifax Nova Scotia Canada. He is a man filled with passion. Passion for many things but mainly rehabilitating reactive/aggressive dogs and training people in the areas of dog training and business. Ted makes his services available around the world to dog owners and trainers via skype, seminars, online training, DVD's and shadowing programs. "My goal is to be of service to others, dog or human, I don't discriminate. Let me help you reach a breakthrough. Those are the moments I live for."


  • As soon as I heard that Ted was going to make video series on dog aggression I knew that I was going to have to watch them. When I finally got them, I watched the entire thing intwo days. Ted uses a truly balanced approach to dog training and does a great job explaining what he is doing and why he is doing it, and he has the experience to back up his methods. Also, the quality of these videos is excellent, so it is easy to focus on the content of the videos while watching them. These videos would be good to watch for both dog trainers like myself as well as dog owners.

    - As soon as I heard…

  • When Ted announced he was making a DVD about rehabilitating aggressive dogs I was really excited because he has the know-how to back everything he prescribes. Now that I’ve watched “He’s Not Friendly”, I am so impressed, especially with the protocols that make the process a positive experience for the dog in training. The DVD is not just 291 minutes of useful hints and tips, it’s a logical, start-to-end, step-by-step program folks can use to actually change their dog and their lives. Forever! Thank you for making this body of work; it should be considered an essential volume in anyone’s library. -M. Scott Borden”

    - An essential volume in anyone’s library.

  • “He’s not Friendly” is definitely a tool you want to have in your arsenal. Whether you’re a dog trainer or a dog owner this video will open your eyes a whole new way of training and help you accomplish things with dogs that you never thought possible!

    - It’s awesome!

  • Ted’s DVD series is not only beautifully produced, but it has the rare virtue of demystifying an important but often misunderstood aspect of dog training rehabilitation. I heard about Ted through word of mouth, but now I feel I am experiencing his humane and balanced approached to dogs for myself. He is engaging and knowledgeable. More importantly, this series is produced from the perspective of a master teacher who is at the peak of his game as an educator and communicator. Often those who know a craft well may not always the best at teaching or conveying their ideas. Ted is different, and that is what separates his DVDs from the rest. This DVD filled a lacuna in my understanding and will make a great addition to anyone’s library and toolbox.

    - It will change the way you look at dog training.

  • This DVD series is a MUST WATCH! Ted has made training not just fun and exciting, but most importantly simple. From his methodology to his philosophy he explains everything in detail so that anyone can train or rehabilitate their dog. As a trainer who works with a lot of bratty, snotty, aggressive dogs I can truly say that this DVD has not only changed my way of thinking but has changed my clients life for the better! If you cant afford to take your dog to a professional, no worries spend the money, buy this DVD and put in the 10 to 20 minutes a day and you will have the dog of your dreams in no time.

    - A must watch.

  • These “He’s not friendly” Dvd’s are one of a kind, Ted shares his passion and knowledge that you haven’t seen before by anyone else! He will help you better understand aggression and anxiety and the art of Dog training following the progress of the dogs by clear communication. I highly suggest these for owners and dog trainers like myself, its a must have in your collection!

    Dominic Robbio
    DogTao – Mirabel Quebec Canada.

    - It’s a must have in your collection!

  • I’ve mentored under many trainers and I’ve been training animals for a long time. I’ve been to a few workshops and I’ve always gotten at least one good thing from each. But now I feel like a kid in the candy store. This guy has got some incredible knowledge and shined light on an area of dog training that I don’t often go. I’ve never heard someone describe the use of food in training in such a logical, no nonsense sort of way. Having come from the world of pure positive, it was easy for me to have a bad taste in my mouth about all of it having seen it’s limitations. It’s been a really big road block for me. He changed the game for me and where I felt like I was starting to plateau in my career, he gave something huge to keep climbing. Josh Donahue, Atlanta GA, USA.

    - Game Changer!

  • What I can say about Ted’s DVD set is that if you do not have this as part of your collection, you are missing out. As a dog trainer it is very important to learn everything you can and to be very knowledgeable. After viewing this set there is no doubt you will learn a tonne. He is the first I have seen to train a dog with behavior issues on DVD. As you go through the material there is no way someone can watch this once as there is so much information and detail. I have a great dog trainer collection and this is a vital part of it. I look forward to his next DVD series and I will add those to my collection right away.

    - Don’t miss out…